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Design & Integration

LiveSpace's philosophy is that a well thought out and deliberate design should be the underpinning that anchors a vision. We want to dream big with you so that we can determine the metrics upon which successful completion and your satisfaction will be measured.


Our ability to discern between the right way and the wrong way will ensure that what looks good on paper is practical, appropriate and effective when brought to life. We are forward-thinkers, and will come to the table with solutions that are design-savvy, budget-conscious and end-user focused 


Once a vision is translated into a proper, clear design, our job has just begun. We will work with your architect, general contractor, electrician and staff to sort through the complexities of the installation. 

Whether it's a modest box sale or on an ambitious large scale, multi-location endeavor, locally or nationally, we can deliver the "WOW" factor, and we are not afraid to get a little dirt under our fingernails in the process.


Our engineers will test all system components, making sure that everything works cohesively with your building, and will educate your team on our integration. We ensure that every end-user is comfortable with the technology we introduce and is fluent in its operation.

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